AUS: 1300 630 488    NZ: 0800 1477 6287

The Avondale Ladies Probus Club started in October 1992 and we still have one or two of those lovely Foundation Members.

We are a lively lot - ranging in age from 60's to 90's and generally very noisy!  When we are all sitting together talking over a cuppa, you can't hear yourself think!  Don't listen to anyone who tells you that you get quieter as you get older!  

As we age, our interests also change and mature so we tend to let our old favourite interests go in the hope that one day we can take them up again.  That time is NOW.  Our senior years are here, and we now have the opportunity to rediscover our favourite activities with like-minded people once again.  The activity that most of us enjoy is the bus trips to places that we wouldn't normally drive ourselves to, and the opportunity to 'taste' some restaurants that we may  not have heard of, and some very nice ones that we have but wouldn't go there by ourselves.  We also get to some marvellous out of the way places.

The meetings are enjoyable and usually have interesting speakers who sometimes show us that we are  not too old to learn!