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The Combined Probus Club of Balnarring held its first meeting in late 2003. At this meeting a presentation of the Accreditation Certificate was made by the Rotary District Governor and a presentation of the President's Collar Of Office by the President of Hastings Rotary was made to President Rhys Lewis.

Presidents, Vice Presidents, Secretaries and Treasurers over the years

Year President Vice President      Secretary Treasurer
 2003/4  Rhys Lewis Paul Buchhorn Pat Taylor Gordon Cameron
2005  Paul Buchhorn Pat Taylor Patsy Carpenter Gordon Cameron
2006  Pat Taylor Gus Van Der Hyde Patsy Carpenter  Beth Harris
2007  Patsy Wilson Brian Hammond Helen Hammond Kathy Strickland
2008  Brian Hammond Elizabeth Chadderton Helen Hammond Kathie Strickland
2009  Elizabeth Chadderton Peter Gower Helen Hammond Barry Broom
2010  Peter Gower Anne Hitch June Cowen Barry Broom
2011  Anne Hitch Graeme Summers June Cowen  Barry Broom
2012  Graeme Summers Sue Rutley June Cowen Barry Broom
2013  Sue Rutley Kevin Close Sandra Shiel Barry Broom
2014  Kevin Close Helen Hammond Sandra Shiel Sue Rutley
2015  Helen Hammond Keri Combes Sandra Shiel Sue Rutley
2016  Keri Combes Graeme Wilson Sandra Shiel Sue Rutley
2017  Graeme Wilson   Graeme Summers Sue Rutley
2018  Graeme Wilson   Graeme Summers Sue Rutley
2019  Sandra Shiel Glynn Staggard Graeme Summers Sue Rutley
2020  Darrell Ross Glynn Staggard Graeme Wilson Sue Rutley
2021  Darrell Ross Glynn Staggard Graeme wilson Peter Gower


Situated near the shores of Western Port Bay, our members reside in Balnarring and the local areas of Somers, Bittern, Hastings, Merricks, Crib Point and Shoreham.


         Celebrating our 15 birthday with a special morning tea.