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Meetings are held at 10am on the fourth Monday of the month except when affected by public holidays. The venue is Hornets Football Club, Graham Road, Aspley.  

At our Annual General Meeting held in March 2020 a motion was passed to increase membership numbers from 80 to 90. Therefore enquiries by prospective members will be warmly welcomed.

Meetings usually fall into two parts. A formal meeting which comprises a club business session and a talk by a club member. This is followed by morning tea and then a guest speaker. Some members stay on and have lunch at Hornets after the meeting.

Unfortunately during 2020's COVID lock-ups we weren't able to hold meetings. Our late President, Lyn Demartini, arranged for all committee members to phone a list of club members on a regular basis so to continue the social interaction that everyone needs especially at a time like that. Our members were so happy to have that interaction and to be able to voice their concerns with someone else they knew from the club. 

It was so good for meetings to return to their normal format in 2021, with Club speakers and Guest Speakers. Although some clubs have struggled to keep their members' numbers up, we have had several inductions over the past few months, bringing out total number to 80, including 3 Life Members.  There were 4 more visitors at our August meeting so we are hoping to welcome them as members in the very near future.