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The short trip to Fraser Island was postponed last year but it definitely happened from 23-26 March this year.  The bus left from Hornets, stopping at Gympie for morning tea, Maryborough for lunch and arriving mid afternoon at River Bend for the barge across to the island. The inclement weather didn't dampen our enthusiasm but rather made our arrival even more fun. The following day's weather was perfect for a 4WD bus tour of the island. The very bumpy trip across the island included driving through ancient giant Satinay and Brush Box forests and rainforests to 75 mile beach where we drove along the beach at low tide, stopping at the Maheno shipwreck, Eli Creek and Lake McKenzie. Two members went on a joy flight taking off and landing on the beach. Our accommodation at Kingfisher Bay Resort was 5 star and our events were well coordinated. We all over indulged but that's always a problem when someone else is doing the cooking! Our thanks to Gail for her amazing organisation ensuring a really great trip involving lots of Fun, Friendship and Fellowship.

Arriving in the rain ---

Friendship and Fun on first night ---

Touring the island ---


Watch out for ---

Coloured Sands (Pinnacles)

Eli Creek ---

Joy flight over island ---

S.S. Mahano shipwreck ---

Lake McKenzie


Sunset on final night ---



THAT Sunset ---