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March Meeting

This will be  the AGM, there is still
time to nominate for a Committee position as
there are still some vacancies.We need a
"hearing person"to take the minutes with
The meeting will be followed by the Change
over lunch at the Grand View Hotel. Lunch
is your choice at your own expense.

Next Committee meeting

 will be Thursday 29 March at 10am

At our last meeting

Mr Dereck Jones spoke about Greece today and yesterday. With a
population of 11 million; Nearly 80% is
mountainous with over 1400 islands- only169 are
inhabited. Crete is the largest. Population is 98%
Greek but today there are many refugees.
Greece has a fascinating ancient history under the
city states of Sparta and Athens Greek art and
literature flourished.

Next general meeting

This will be on Tuesday 10 April when the guest
speaker will be John Reynolds, of the CSIRO, on
Astronomy and Space Science. The club speaker will
be Jean Nicholson

Birthday girls

Diana Jones 8th, Betty Sanders 14th.