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The current club began its life on 23rd May, 1984 as the  Probus Club of Ulverstone.


On 19th April, 1984 Ern  Smith, president of the Rotary Club of Ulverstone, sent out the following:


“You are cordially invited to attend a meeting for Retired Professional and Businessmen to be held at the Beachway Motel, Heathcote Street, Ulverstone on Wednesday the 9th May, 1984 commencing at 10.00 am.” 


The reason behind the invitation was that the members of the Ulverstone Rotary Club believed that many retired professional and businessmen would welcome the opportunity to meet together on a regular basis for social contact and friendly discussion on mutual subjects.


On the 9th May an “Interest” meeting was held & a steering committee was formed & subsequently the Foundation Meeting was held on 23rd May, 1984.  There were 20 attendees and 6 apologies.    Jack Eaton was at the Foundation meeting and is currently a life member of the current club.   The late Rex Fabian was the first President.


It appears that at some time during 1997 the club had a change of name to the Ulverstone Mens’ Probus Club, no doubt due to the formation of the Ulverstone Ladies Probus Club


By March 1985 the membership had increased from the original 25 Charter members to a total of 41.


By 2011  the numbers began to drop and a suggestion was put forward to invite ladies to join the club and make it a mixed club.   A meeting was held in the old Railway Station at Penguin on 16th February and a motion was put to the meeting.   The motion was carried with one dissenter, Charlie Goodwin.         Asked many years later what his reason was he replied, “ I didn’t think that anything should be unanimous.”


The name of the club became the Probus Club of Central Coast Tasmania.   The change to the club resulted in a number of couples becoming members.


The first lady president was Alison McArd in 2014 and 2015 and Margie Young was the second in 2017  and 2018.


Our current membership is about 56% men and 44% ladies.