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Our January speaker David Landon gave a comprehensive and brilliantly illustrated presentation on Mawson's Hut and surroundings in Antartica . This was based on material gathered during work on the site .

February 15th  Brian Boetcher made a presentation on " The  Battle for Milne Bay " which kept the audience spellbond . The significance of the battle became much clearer .

March 21st Member Ken Mitchell delivered a great account of the life and work of John Flynn and the legacy he left.

April 18th  John Matthews provided a brief history of World War 2 .

May 16th Jane Austen was the subject of an enthralling presentation by Susannah Fullerton .

July 18th  Australia's Cotton Industry was reviewed by Phillip Steel and our level of understanding was raised considerably .

August 15th  Trish Evans gave us a very practical appreciation of "Bones , Breaks , Casts and (importantly ) How to Avoid Them ".

Sept .19th   Chris Eankwerts spoke about "Hearing Impediment "and delivered good practical advice very relevant to the audience.

October 17th John Boyages , one of Australia's leading specialists on the subject , brought us up to date on "Breast Health "

November 21st Bill Allen who worked with Sydney Ferries for many years and has a marvellous collection of historical information and memorabilia reviewed the history and current status of "Sydney Ferries ".