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In January our first guest speaker for the year , Rowan Brownette , addressed us at a Breakfast function . Rowan is Senior Pilot for Sydney Harbour and Port Botany and gave an excellent account of the history and current activities of Pilots in NSW, as well as his fascinating personal career .


Our February 2013 speaker was one of our members ,Frank Harlow who grew up in rural New Zealand during the depression .Frank served with the NZ Army as a cavalry man in Egypt , Greece and Crete and after the war became a senior technologist/manager in the dairy industry . He spoke about his life experiences with many fascinating illustrations . Frank will soon complete his HUNDREDTH year and is learning to use an Ipad which assisted in his presentation .

March 20th speaker will be Roger Brighton who will inform us about "  The Latest Developments on Hips and Knees ".

April 17th topic will be " Jewellery Design and Manufacture "presented by Rod Sawtell .

May 15th Professor Russell Cannon will amaze us with a talk on " Astronomy "

June 19th Reverend Neil Fowler will give atalk entitled "A 5 Week Locum in the Top End "

July 17th " The Future from a Young Woman's Point of View " will be presented to us by Genevieve Steel .

August 21st  To Be Advised .

September 18th Will Hutchison  will contrast with Genevieve by speaking on " The Future from a Young Man's Point of View "  .