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 Presients Patch - June 2019

In reflection what a great line up of speakers we have had so far this year and there are more to come. Many thanks to Ian Lambie for his considerable efforts in this time consuming job of arranging these speakers for us.

The coffee morning held at the St Clair Golf Club saw 13 members enjoy an hour or so of socialising. Again those that attended are keen to see this form of fellowship continues so please come along to the next one.

At our recent committee meeting a well earned vote of thanks was proposed to our two Newsletter reporters – Dallas Prentice for visits and David Horne for speakers. On behalf of the Club many thanks to Dallas and David for their work with the reports.

We are still in the hunt for a Vice President – not an onerous task so please give this serious consideration – particularly those of you who have not yet taken any management positions in the Club! There are a number of capable members out there.

I look forward to seeing you at our next Club meeting on Tuesday 2 July. Cheers, Ross Cameron

April, 2019

President’s Patch:-

As this is my first attempt at the President’s Patch it will be fairly brief. Firstly the Committee is still missing a Vice President, a position on the Committee that is not onerous with a Committee meeting only once a month (third Monday at 4.30pm) for about half an hour. The position of course leads on to the President’s position, which after six years as Treasurer I can say it is not as demanding. Please give serious thought as to putting yourself forward for this role!

Subs are not due and should be paid by the end of April. I know from experience that there are some who leave their payment until being reminded (often more than once). This places extra work on the Treasurer who has enough to do in this voluntary role.

We are always on the lookout for new members so if you know someone that you think would enjoy the fellowship of our Probus Club please invite them to join our meetings to see if they would like to become a member.

Our Visits and Speakers coordinators have some great speakers and outings in mind for the year so pleaae do support their endeavours to entertain you.

In ref

President’s Patch ~ Feruary, 2019

We note the passing of one of our Past Presidents - Ernie Nightingale. Condolences have been sent to Ernie’s family.

You will have received the agenda of our AGM, the President’s Report, the Financial Statement and nomination/application forms by the time you receive this newsletter.

I want to thank Charlie Campbell and Ray Turnbull who deliver by hand newsletters to those without an email address. Which leads me to ask if you change your email address would you please let me know (487 7293 or [email protected]) otherwise you may miss communications.

Anyone considering joining the committee and/or becoming Vice President is welcome to attend a committee meeting or contact a committee member to find out how we operate. Third Monday of each month is our meeting day at 4.30pm in the clubrooms at St Clair Bowling Club. Committee meetings are usually very short and anything over thirty minutes is a long meeting! Just let someone on the committee know you wish to attend.

As this is my last “PP” report I want to thank you all for your support during my year as your President and also for laughing at the jokes you were subjected to. Ross Cameron, our incoming President, will have the “honour” of writing future “PP” articles, and finding suitable jokes to tell at Club Meetings!

Also enclosed with the newsletter are the names of our current members. If any of this information is incorrect or out of date would you please let our Secretary, Jack Holt, know so he can update our membership list – thanks.


President’s Patch ~ January, 2019

Welcome to 2019 and our first, albeit brief, newsletter. I trust the Festive Season and ensuing holidays have treated you all very well and I look forward to catching up with you again at our first meeting on Tuesday February 5th. I know several of your committee have been busy with Probus matters over the last couple of months and for that my sincere thanks gentlemen. If you feel it’s your time to make a contribution to Probus Dunedin South by joining the committee then please let us know prior to our AGM, which will be held on Tuesday March 5th Someone to put their hand up for the Vice President’s position would be most welcome – virtually a titled position only so not difficult!

An AGM Agenda, Financial Statement, President’s Report and Application Forms will be forwarded after our committee meeting on Monday January 28th – some exciting reading on its way!!

A range of interesting speakers and visits for 2019 are being arranged so something to look forward to!

President’s Patch ~ November, 2018

This is our last, early and brief, Newsletter for 2018 - the next one will be late January 2019 and I want to take the opportunity to thank all who have contributed to newsletters this year. Your efforts are much appreciated by the editor.

As the year comes towards a close I want to wish all members, their partners and families a safe and enjoyable Christmas and New Year. I look forward to catching up with many of you either at our Christmas Luncheon or early February.

Oh, and don’t forget we are looking still for a Vice President for 2019! Could this be your great chance?


President’s Patch ~ October 2018

Our condolences go to the families of Brian Dungey and Ron Paterson – both of whom passed away during September.

We welcome three new members – Keith Beck, Bob Bryant and Geoff Garside and trust they enjoy our fellowship, friendship and fun.

Our annual Christmas Luncheon takes place on Monday 10 December at the Otago Golf Club, 125 Balmacewan Road, Dunedin. 12pm gathering for a 12.30pm lunch. I encourage as many of you as possible to attend this, our final function for 2018. We look forward to sharing this fellowship time with you. Cost is $35 a head and payment can be made in one of three ways:-

1. Cash

2. Cheque made out to “Probus Club of Dunedin South”

3. Internet Banking to “Probus Club of Dunedin South”, Westpac, South Dunedin. Account number 03-1729-0021943-00. Please ensure you include your name and the word “Xmas” in the particulars section.

A separate invite is include with this newsletter with further details. Money can be paid to the Treasurer at the 6 November meeting.


President’s Patch ~ September 2018

My message this month is a simple one – please newer members consider putting your name forward in 2019 for either our Committee or more especially Vice President. These positions are mentally and physically non-taxing and easy. I know there are members out there capable of these positions and hence the urge for you to participate. You won’t be landed with a specific committee role in your first year but allowed to grow and develop a feel for the committee work before you are asked to take on some responsibility later! And the committee meetings only last an average of thirty minutes once a month! The Vice President’s role is mainly in title only – ask our current VP Ross how much work as such he has had to this year! And then being President is no big deal or challenge the following year – the strength and willingness of the committee make sure of that. The current Committee and I will be approaching members to convince them to come “onboard” at the next meeting or two. Our March 2019 AGM is fast approaching.


President’s Patch ~ August 2018

Firstly a reminder that our August visit to the Otago Polytechnic is coming up on THURSDAY 30 AUGUST at 10.45am. I know this is very late in the month but it is the only date suitable for the Polytechnic staff. If you haven’t let Ross Cameron or Ray Shearer know you are attending please do so prior to the 30th. See ‘For your Calendar’ for the details.

Remember also at meetings to check your name off on the attendance sheet. Our Health and Safety requirements need to be met and a list of all present at the meeting must be available in case of any emergency.

President’s Patch ~ July 2018

I note with sadness the passing of member Alan Laws. Our condolences go out to Alan’s family. Also on a sombre note I would like to thank those members who were able to attend Vic Isbister’s memorial service last Friday morning

On a brighter note we are headed towards Spring with longer days and hopefully warmer weather.

If you have received your invite to the Past Presidents’ Luncheon and get together on 31 July and not yet responded to Graeme Renton please do so by Tuesday 24 July as Careys Bay Hotel need numbers attending confirmed. Hopefully a good number of Past Presidents and current Committee members will attend. I look forward to catching up with you.

Thanks to Lloyd Rowley for offering to co-ordinate and organise our morning teas.

Cheers, Paul

President’s Patch ~ June 2018

A warm welcome to our new member Bruce Trainor. Total Club membership is now 74.

It is with regret that I have to inform members of the passing of Vic Isbister whilst on holiday in Ireland. I have contacted Vic’s family.

Importantly there are still thirteen members who have not paid this year’s subscription. If you are one of those thirteen then Treasurer Ross Cameron will be contacting you in the near future. Remember we have had to pay an affiliation/capitation fee to PSPL for you already and so the Club is “out of pocket” until your dues are paid!

Recently a couple of questions re PSPL arose and I want to take this opportunity to quote statements from the Probus Club Handbook.

Insurance: “The National Insurance Programme provides cover for Public Liability, Association Liability and Club Money Cover. It covers Club members, visitors and guests while attending or participating in a ‘recognised Probus activity’, functions or meetings.”

PSPL Liquidation: “As required by law, membership of PSPL will require Clubs (but not Club members) to contribute a one-off amount of up to $10.00 to the assets of PSPL but only in the unlikely event that PSPL is wound up without sufficient assets to pay outstanding debts. The obligation to pay a one-off amount of up to $10.00 will continue for a period of up to one year following the winding up of PSPL”

President’s Patch ~ May

I know the majority of members have paid their 2018 subscription and for that we thank you. Because we have had to pay the annual capitation/affiliation fee per member to PSPL already it means we are “carrying” from reserves those members still to pay their $25!

Without wanting to hassle people we would appreciate your outstanding dues being paid as soon as you are able.

A diverse array of speakers and visits are planned for the rest of this year – something to look forward to. I certainly enjoy listening to our speakers and participating in visits and hope you do too. If you have any ideas or contacts for a suitable visit or speaker please feel free to inform either Ray Shearer (visits) or Ian Lambie (speakers and visits).

President’s Patch ~ April 2018 

It is always pleasing to welcome new members to our Club and we have been able to do so already in 2018 – some transferring from the now closed Probus Club of Dunedin Central and others new to Probus introduced by current members. It is important for our Club future that we have this injection of new members and I ask each and everyone one of you to continue talking to people and encouraging them to join Probus Dunedin South. On a completely different note you will see in the “For Your Calendar” section we have been able to list the Guest Speaker and our monthly visit two months in advance so you can plan ahead. Thanks to Past President Ian for being so organised!

President’s Patch ~ March 2018

I feel slightly guilty taking over the reins from Ian Lambie and then disappearing before our April Meeting. However on April 3rd my wife and I will be in Tehran at the beginning of a three week trip to Iran. Fortunately I’m not the one who has to cover up and wear a head scarf at all times!

I wonder how many of us look at our website entry via Probus South Pacific updated regularly by Ian ? The general PSPL site has some interesting information as well – worth a look using the address above.

You will note we are seeking names for Morning Tea Duty in a separate paragraph further through this newsletter. It is felt that change and innovation can be beneficial and worth trialling if at times hard to accept. We also thank Vic Isbister for stepping in as Convenor; and thank Dallas Prentice for his work in that role.

I thank Ross Cameron too, who has accepted the role of Vice President. Ross will continue as Treasurer and next year when he becomes President Ian Lambie has agreed to take over Treasurer responsibilities. Ian will also produce the April Newsletter while I am away.

  Presidents Report to the Probus Club of Dunedin South

It is with great pleasure that I present the Presidents Annual report for the year 2017/18

The Club has enjoyed another year of varied and interesting speakers arranged by Charlie Campbell. Speakers included, Paul Aubin ~ growing up as a school boy at Otago Boys High School and then returning as a master, James Lambie ~ cycling around the world, Russell Lippert ~ travel in retirement, Owen Graham ~ Dunedin Historic Prison Trust, Mark Sterling ~ from University of Otago findings from the Kaikoura Earthquake, Richard Thomson ~ the inner workings of the Otago Southland Health Board, Gay Turner ~ Syrian Refugees in Dunedin, One year later. And not to forget club member Nevill Smith and Dunedin Central member Antony Woods.

After 10 years of arranging some 100 plus speakers Charlie has decided to relinquished the speaker role. Thank you Charlie and well done.

Ray Shearer has been responsible for organising another varied programme of club visits including visits to Teschemakers at Oamaru, St. Paul's Cathedral hosted by club member David Horne, Frances Hodgson Retirement Village, Otago Boys High School, Dunedin Public Library, Otago Regional Council, Otago Rescue Helicopter Service and Kaan’s Catering.

David Jaquiery our long time club secretary unfortunately suffered a stroke early in the year and had to give up his secretarial duties. In recognition of David’s long standing and exceptional service as club secretary David was made a Life Member of the club in July. It has been great to see David return to our monthly meetings and to receive his Life Member award at the February meeting.

During the year the club was approached by representatives of the Probus Club of Dunedin Central with a view to their members to attending our monthly meetings and visits. Because of their low membership numbers they were having difficulties forming a committee. Dunedin Central held a special meeting in November and resolved that club be wound up and members were encouraged to join Dunedin South in the new year. We have had advice from a number of former Dunedin Central members that they are applying to join this year and we look forward to welcoming them into our club.

We welcomed Jack Holt as our new secretary and Alf Wilson, Norm Clearwater, Ken McGregor, Barry Johnston and Ron Grant as new members during the year. Regretfully Peter Fitzgibbons and John McKinnon had to resign for health reasons and sadly, Jim Cameron a member for over 5 years passed away.

Our annual Christmas luncheon was held early in December at the Otago Golf Club and was well attended by members and their partners. A fun relaxing day was had by all over looking the golf course on a brilliant sunny day.

The annual Past Presidents luncheon was again held at the Carey’s Bay Hotel and was attended by Past Presidents their partners, widows of Past presidents plus our committee members and partners.

Once again our annual indoor bowling competition with the Dunedin North Probus club was contested on a home and away basis with Dunedin South winning on aggregate by a very healthy margin. Well done to those members who took part.

I would like to thank our committee members for their support during the year and especially during the period when our secretary David Jaquiery was in incapacitated. I wish the incoming President Paul Turnbull, the committee and all club members the very best for the coming year and I look forward to our continued fellowship, friendship and fun.

Ian Lambie



January 2018

Happy New Year to everyone. I trust you all have had an enjoyable time with family and friends over the holiday period.

Our first meeting of 2018 is not only our first for the year but the last prior to our Annual General Meeting in March, and with the Annual Meeting in mind it is time to consider the make up of the committee for 2018.

With Paul Turnbull taking the role of President we are seeking a Vice President; also with some of the current committee retiring we are in need of new committee members. The roles are not demanding or time consuming. So please consider making yourself available for selection and thus ensuring the ongoing viability of our great club. Let me or any committee member know if you are keen to take on a role.

I look forward to catching up with everyone again at the first meeting on Tuesday 6 February.

Cheers, Ian