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The Club’s Conception.

The formation of the Combined PROBUS Club of Engadine Incorporated was the innovation of the Rotary Club of Engadine.

Rotarians of the hamlet of Engadine had observed that the Heathcote Probus Club and other accessible Probus Clubs were fully subscribed and held considerable waiting lists for prospective members. Something needed doing to provide a social and interactive medium for the large numbers of people wishing to join a club such as PROBUS, which is designed for friendship and social activity.

The then Rotary Club of Engadine President 2001-2002 – Jeff Puckeridge and fellow members of Rotary put the necessary building blocks in place to allow for the development of this new club. It was decided that the new club would be a COMBINED PROBUS CLUB. “Combined” meaning that members of either sex are eligible to join as full members with full member rights.

Interested persons were invited to attend the inaugural meeting, which was held on Wednesday 10th October 2001 in the premises of the Engadine Bowling Club, Cambrai Avenue, Engadine, at 9.30 a.m. Chairman – John Gotch, represented District Probus at the meeting.

The meeting was attended by fifty-one people with forty-five of those persons joining on the day. Election of office bearers took place with Lynette Phillips elected President, Olive McLaren – Secretary and Richard Elrick – Treasurer. Other initial elected office bearers were:- Brian Andrews – Vice President and Guest Speakers, Mary Hards – Junior Vice President, Geoff Wright – Trips and Outings, Kevin Duffy – Newsletter Editor, Lorraine Grant – Welfare, and  Joy Golby – Fellowship.

The Charter of Probus Clubs is to provide social activity and friendship for retired or semi-retired professional and business people. The word “PROBUS” is an abbreviation of these two words. A guest speaker may be invited to attend the meetings as deemed appropriate. Outings and trips away shall be organised for the benefit of members.

PROBUS CENTRE – SOUTH PACIFIC INC. ISSUED THE Certificate of Accreditation to the Combined PROBUS Club of Engadine on the 10th October 2001.

Accreditation Number:           2134

Registration Number:             57561

District Number:                     9750


The Rotary Club of Engadine President 2001 – 2002 – JEFF PUCKERIDGE and Probus Committee Chairperson _ FRASER MACKAY-SIM, handed the Charter to the Combined Probus Club of Engadine on Monday 26th November 2001. The certificate was presented in a commemoration album, gifted from the Rotary Club of Engadine.