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Ladies Probus Club of Glen Waverley

Special Things

We have some talented people in our club.  Our History sub-committee have spent hours putting together our history in the form of a large tome.  This will be kept by the committee to be taken to meetings and made available for any members who are interested.


        Sub-committee with History Album


We are also lucky to have members who have talented friends.  The pictured lectern was made by a friend of one of our Foundation Members to celebrate our 25th anniversary, that we celebrated in February 2013.

         Our new lectern

25th Anniversary


It is 25 years since The Ladies Probus Club of Glen Waverley was established, and therefore time to celebrate! So we planned a silver celebration. Amongst the one hundred and eleven attending, most wearing a dash of silver, were twenty Foundation Members.After a rousing rendition of ‘Happy Birthday,’ President Jennie Gray and Inaugural President Barbara Thompson cut the magnificent cake, baked and decorated by Norma Saxton. The next item was also musical, a real treat as we listened to John Colvin sing a selection of songs from yesteryear. Margaret Freeman then presented a beautiful banner for our lectern, with the Probus emblem, our club name and 1988 – 2013 on the front, and a list of all the presidents and their dates of office on the reverse. The work was in beautiful, tiny cross-stitch throughout! Barbara Thompson then spoke of the early days and her first Committee. She and June Senior, who became Secretary a few months into the first year, are the only Active members of the original Committee. Our favourite Rotarian, Peter Jeffreys, who helped establish the group, spoke about the early days of our club. Jim Frew, President of the Probus Association of Victoria, outlined the activities of the Association. Jim and Peter then presented certificates to the Foundation Members. Next it was quiz time. Many memories were shared over lunch, jogged by the slide show prepared by Barb Coulson which ran in the background. As another excellent and very special meeting ended, all went home with smiles and a bookmark as a reminder of the occasion.


President Jennie Gray and Secretary Margaret Freeman with the new banner


Inaugural President Barbara Thompson shares some memories


Norma Saxton admires the new banner next to the beautiful cake


Foundation Members (back row) Margaret Williams, Dorothy Bourke, Joan Steele, Neta Fawcett, Margaret Drummond, Marjorie Jeffries, Gwen Jenkins (3rd row) Lesley Goullet, June Senior, Betty Rowe, Alma Cargeeg (2nd row) Barbara Thompson, Irma Desler, Phyl Douglas, Jean Horsey, Sue Curwen (front row) Yvonne Woods, Gwen Baylis, Dot Schmidt, Necia Smith


Photos and article courtesy of Geraldine Fleming who, with her 25th Anniversary committee, ensured all the above celebrations went off without a hitch.  Well done Geraldine, its members like you who make our club so strong and enduring.