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Club History

Early Years

(by Bruce Aspery)

The foundation meeting of the Probus Club of Gordon was held at Gordon Golf Club on 22nd February 1988.

Sixty-nine men, mostly strangers to one another, assembled at the public invitation of the sponsor, the St. Ives Rotary Club.

The original committee of Management was formed from volunteers who had previously indicated their willingness to serve the new club. Office bearers were selected and the inauguration of the club began.

It was resolved that the new club would be known as the Probus Club of Gordon and that meetings would be held at the Gordon Golf Club. After one further meeting, it was considered that space at this club was inadequate. The club accepted an offer of free facilities from the Greengate Hotel at Killara where meetings were continued for 12 months. The club then moved to the Pymble Golf Club and except for three occasions, meetings have continued at the golf club ever since.

The Probus Club of Gordon had a sensational start with good speakers and a wide range of outings and social activities, fuelled by an enthusiastic membership. Support from the wives became a strong feature.

By July 1988 the first away trip had been held and in 1990 the club visited Norfolk and Lord Howe Islands. Away trips became an annual event.

Membership had been capped at 69 at the inaugural meeting. By July 1988 there were 19 potential members on the waiting list. These were admitted and by 1991 membership had increased to 100, but then began to slow as other Probus Clubs were established in the area.

In 1989 it was decided to incorporate the club. The first meeting as an incorporated body was held in April 1990.


  • In 1990, our Foundation President, Bruce Aspery accepted an invitation to join the Board of Probus South Pacific for three years as Treasurer. He was also elected as a life member of Gordon Probus in 1993.
  • We have 5 foundation members still with our club