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Guest Speakers

As well as the friendship, fellowship and fun afforded by participation in club activities and attendance at monthly meetings, guest speakers at meetings also entertain and inform members.  Guest speakers at recent meetings have been:


Leonie Elphinstone, PCIW Club Member

Retired recently from a portfolio career, which combined running a company providing Cultural Diversity training for multinationals with designing and lecturing in courses at universities in Queensland. As a psychologist specialising in cultural transitions she has travelled extensively and worked with people from more than 65 countries and cultures.
In her talk she will use examples from her travels and a variety of cultures to outline how her obsession with travel, which began at 17, evolved into a multifaceted career. She will illustrate the complexity of cultures and the challenges of transitioning between cultures.
She hopes, also that her talk, will give members an opportunity to reflect on their own travel experiences and possibly relive some aspects enjoyed, but currently are only a memory. She will refer to some countries and cultures rarely visited as inspiration for the future.


Pevious Speakers:


Angel Flight, Nigel J Fotheringham


"Off the Beatty Track", Michael Beatty


Caitlin Delaney, Education Officer, RACQ










There have been close to 50 guest speakers at club meetings since the club was formed.