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                  **TRAVEL GROUP**

                                                                                                    Leader:    ANNIE CLARK  
Annie is finally free to organise an overseas trip, and is planning
on doing a cruise around Japan from 13th to 27th March 2023.

The Probus travel group is back in action after two long years waiting for the covid pandemic to become less of a worry.

Our next journey together will be to Japan in March 2023. So far we have 21 people booked to take a flight to Tokyo and then do a 14 night cruise around Japan.

This is the third Probus trip we will have done. The first was to Siem Reap to see Ankor Wat and then cruise the Mekong to Ho Chi Minh City. The second was an escorted tour of China.

Japan is another totally different culture for us to experience.

Japan is a very clean country and the tap water is drinkable, unlike most of Asia.

Japan has the best public toilets in the world. Very clean and a pleasure to visit.

Japan is full of neon signs and vending machines selling everything you can imagine.

Japan is a country full of mountains, forests and tunnels and very beautiful.

The Japanese are proud and disciplined people and the politest people you could hope to meet.

Spring in Japan will be cool but we hope to experience the beautiful cherry blossom.

The cost of this Probus trip will be approximately $11,000 per couple.

Please contact Annie if you have any questions about this trip