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9 February 2021

Our meeting has been cancelled this month, so I wanted to ask if anyone is interested in this short holiday to South Australia and the Murray river. Just open the link below and you can read all about it.

We have a couple of members keen to do this , so if anyone is interested, please contact me and we can have a meeting to discuss the options.

Thanks,  Annie Clark,  Travel Group Leader


2020 has been a disaster for eager travellers who are itching to go overseas.

Unfortunately there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel so no point planning another trip just yet.

We had to cancel Bali in August and the proposed trip to Tasmania in March 2021 has also been cancelled.

In the meantime, please email me with your travel wishes so that we can organise the next trip as soon as possible.

Do you still want to go to Bali as a group ?

Let me know your thoughts on

[email protected]


20/5/19:                  **  CHINA  **      

                            Presidents report on trip to China.

Anne and I had our first trip to China in 2006, having just finished our fourth trip with the Probus travel group we have seen some amazing changes. So much new infrastructure and building going on tower cranes everywhere. The things that struck most of our group was the cleanliness of the cities and no graffiti, also where ever we went the landscaping was incredible. They are also planting millions of trees to counter pollution. In Beijing we visited the Great Wall, Tianamen square and the Forbidden City also the Summer Palace and Temple of Heaven. One evening we saw the Golden Mask Dynasty Show great entertainment. Our next city was Xi’an to see the Terra-cotta Warriors and the old walled city. In the evening we had a dumpling banquet and show. Then on to the Yangtze River for our four night cruise to Chongqing. After some stops along the way including the Three Gorges Dam. It Was followed by a bullet train ride to Chengdu to visit the Giant Pandas they are gorgeous. Then to Leshan to see the Giant Sitting Bhudda. A flight to Guilin was next for a boat ride down to Yangshuo past some amazing scenery. Then back to Guilin to visit Reedflute Caves and Elephant Trunk hill. Then a flight to Shanghai and a visit to two water towns. Also a must do in Shanghai is the worlds fastest commercial train the Maglev Train (431 kilometers per hour). After 21 days it was time to say goodbye to some of our group who flew home , while the rest of the group went to Hong Kong for 3 nights. Annie and I would like to thank our fellow travelers. And look forward to our next trip. 

President John.


1/5/19:                              Annie's brief:

                                 PROBUS PEEL GRAND TOUR OF CHINA

Here we are cruising the Yangtze River. I awoke this morning to hear birds singing as we slowly cruised into Wu Gorge. I guess I am a little biased when it comes to writing a blog about China and maybe I will suggest some of the writers in the group also send their impressions. We began in Beijing , arriving late afternoon and very tired. Our guide is Stephen. Very good English but a little too,laid back and not the best tour leader I have ever had. The local guides make up for it. Jean in Beijing was wonderful. She never stopped talking but told us so much about the history and life in Beijing. The Forbidden City was going well on the first day until the rain came so we hurried through and went for lunch. Temple of Heaven in the afternoon. Not raining but very cold. We all opted to do the show in the evening. The Golden Mask Dynasty. World class show which everyone enjoyed. Finally back to the hotel to recharge our batteries. Our. Beijing hotel was right in the City centre . Great location . Next day the sun came out. We went to the Great Wall. I had chosen a section that we could use a ski lift to take us up to the top so that everyone had a chance to walk on the wall. Glorious blue skies for our photos. A walk at the Ming Tombs after lunch then back to the City for dinner. Our last day in Beijing we wasted time at the Chinese Herbal medicine centre., then went to the Summer Palace. Again sunshine and beautiful blue skies. We had a very late lunch with a local family inside the old Hutong houses. These were the traditional type of houses before all the apartments were built. The evening we went to the Chinese Acrobat show. Brilliant. Another full on day. Traffic in.Beijing was terrible. So much time wasted getting from A to B, because of the BRI ( belt and road initiatives). Saturday morning we flew to Xian and straight to our hotel we all had suites here. Very luxurious. A quick rest , then off to the Tang Dynasty Show where we had a dumpling banquet and then watched the show. Our guide in Xian was Peter, a Chinese history lecturer. We were so lucky to have him as he was so knowledgeable and also so friendly. He loved to share his knowledge with the group. First day we went to the Wild Goose Pagoda complex, where we had a local guide teaching us about Buddhism. He was also a very good calligrapher and showed us some paintings. The weather turned wet again. We had lunch in a theatre . A very nice buffet and nice carpet floor to dry our wet feet !!! The afternoon was spent at the Museum which was far too crowded to enjoy. Stephen arranged for us to have dinner at the hotel as we were all wet and miserable after that. Next morning was the thrilling Terracotta Warriors.. Created over 2000 years ago. We have all had a good history lesson thanks to Peter. Our flight to Yichang was delayed by 3 hours. This was very frustrating for us all. We were compensated with a hot meal and finally flew out of Xian after 10pm. A bus was waiting for us and we set off for our cruise ship. By the time we arrived onboard it was 2am !!! Needless to say we went straight to bed. Our rooms are good but the food onboard is not so good as we have been used to. It’s a bun fight with the many Chinese guests who descend on the dining room like a pack of locusts. We have toured the 3 Gorges Dam and understand more about the flooding of the Gorges. This morning we took a ferry ride and then small boat through the gorges. Very beautiful and perfect sunny weather. The group are doing well. So proud of the non walkers who have struggled on and are getting fitter every day. There will be lots of stories to tell when we get home.



Our first club overseas trip was to Vietnam and Cambodia in November 2018.  There were 17 of us and the tour was for 16 days.

We booked through a wonderful Vietnamese travel company who organised a very well planned tour. 4 nights in Siem Reap visiting the amazing Angkor Watt temples. A week cruise on the Mekong on the Prestige 11, and then 4 nights in Saigon visiting the Cu Chi Tunnels and shopping.