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Probus Association /Delegates

The Probus Association of Victoria was formed in Victoria in November 1984 when members of the Dromana Men’s Probus Club joined with the Frankston Men’s Probus Club in sponsoring a meeting of all the Probus Clubs in the Rotary Region No 982.

‘The Victorian Association of Probus Clubs South East Region was formed; the name now changed to Probus Association of Victoria Inc.

Proof of the existence of a bond of friendship and the desire to share knowledge is evident by the quarterly newsletter and the publication of Guide to Speakers and Outings………… and Fellowship.


Our beginnings- 1987 and beyond

The First Guest Speaker  at the April meeting was Marj. Tomlinson.

Profile Speaker.               Dorothy Wiltshire was first profile Speaker

Interest Groups Walking -  Gardening  - Music  - Theatre  -  Cards


 Excellent work by historians :-                                      

Lorrie Brough                                                                                     

Jo Mathews  

 Val Steggall 

Bonnie Nielson

Ann Tuck

Carolyn Jealous


Great celebrations were held in 1997 - 10th Anniversary

The 10th Anniversary of the Club was held; the Club’s new banner was displayed. It was designed by Jean Lovelock and Wilma Plunkett.

Ten years on Jean Lovelock became President. It was in this year Heather Bowden was made a Life Member for her outstanding work in the community and for the Club.

Ruth Jones was congratulated on the special edition of the bulletin and Mabel Durie was given certificates for her years of outstanding work for the Club which included four years as Treasurer, Guest Speaker Co -Ordinator and Delegate for the South-East Region of Probus Clubs.

Lorrie Brough was also recognised for her work having held five positions in the club and ten years as Club Historian.

Another to receive a certificate was Jean Lovelock who held three positions in the Club.

Others recognised were Mavis Orchard and Kath Lacy for their management of morning teas.

Effie Alderson for her flower arranging and contribution to interest groups.

In 1997 , a special luncheon was held at St Mark’s Uniting Church Hall to celebrate the 10th AGM and the 10th Anniversary of the Club.

1998 -1999

President Margaret Hall shared a first husband and wife team.

Theo being President of the Mornington Men’s Probus and Margaret, Mornington Ladies Probus.

2000 – 2001

President Ruth Jones highlighted the first meeting of the Probus year in April by calling upon Jean Caldwell (the birthday girl) to be President for the day -a nice gesture

Past President Lorrie Brough retired as Historian from the Mornington Ladies Probus Club after ten years.

Marjorie Tomlinson, foundation member of the Club 1087 and Past President 1998 -89 received the Medal of Order of Australia in the General division

In February 2001, Heather Bawden stood down after 13 years as Public Officer.

Margaret Hall took over that position and in 2006 Dorothy Skelton became the public Officer.

CWA provides entertainment. The first social fun day for Ladies Probus was held on 23 February 2004 organised by Lorrie Brough and Margaret Hall.

2007 - 20th Birthday Celebrations   

Noel Simpson was President, Probus South Pacific office bearers were invited and there was a great feeling of 'coming of age' amongst all present.

Luncheon at Brooklands

Soup        Pumpkin and Parsnip or Tomato and Basil  

Main         Roast Beef with Yorkshire pudding /roasted  vegetables or Chicken breast filled with ham and cheese topped with  creamy mustard sauce.  

Dessert     Birthday cake   with Teas or Coffee. 


22 - 3 - 2017 - 30th Birthday Celebrations 

Linda Ivanovski is President, and a special morning tea with Birthday Cake was organised by the Committee to celebrate this milestone.  Ruth Jones produced an amazing bulletin to mark this occasion, complete with historical notes, reminders of outstanding trips, and points of interest to old and new members alike.  Ruth is a life-member of our club and epitomises the ideals of Probus.


Our editor, Ruth Jones, produced another stunning bulletin to mark this occasion - please click on the file below to enjoy this important milestone for our Club.