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President's Message for October

I am extremely sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it falls to me as your President to advise you that our long awaited and much anticipated 25th Anniversary celebrations have been cancelled for this year. The two committees – The Executive Committee and the 25th Anniversary Sub-committee met jointly this morning and with very little room to move, reluctantly cancelled the event at least for the year 2021.

Speaking as Club President and Chairman of the Sub-committee, I feel so sad in light of all the meticulous planning that has gone into getting the event to the splendid stage of readiness that it was, and now to see it all packed up and stowed in the attic at least for this year. Having said that though, the whole concept is still subject to review in 2022 when God willing, we may find a way through the darkness and the severity of Covid restrictions.

If and when an opportunity might present itself, rest assured that your committee will do its upmost to re-instate the Planning Sub-Committee and start over again. Whether or not it will take the same form is an unknown right now, but we will all stay alert and keep you informed. As for the five dollars most of you have paid us, I’m sure you’ll be able to manage without it for the time being until we know for certain one way or the other. Should any of you need to get your money back, then simply talk to Treasurer Graeme Foard.

This message was never going to be a giggle and I’m also the harbinger of more bad news that all Club activities including films, theatre, dine outs etc. are all temporarily closed and the planned Echuca Cabin & Caravan trip proposed for September, is also in the lap of the Gods. And just to close on a brighter note, it’s early spring which is traditionally a time of renewal in the garden, so do try to get outside and savour some of the heavenly sights and fragrances of the early spring.

Neil Williams