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Probus is an association for active members of the community who are no longer working full time, to join together in clubs for a new lease of life.

Its basic purpose is to advance intellectual and cultural interests amongst adult persons; to provide regular opportunities to progress healthy minds and active bodies through social interaction and activities, expand interests and to enjoy the fellowship of new friends.

 Age is not a number but how you feel inside.

 Probus offers many benefits to keep you young including day trips, excursions, luncheons and opportunities to meet new  friends. 

 Probus is a community service activity of Rotary clubs. 

 Retire from work, not life.



A three-man co-ordinating committee advertised the Probus Club of Oxley Interest Meeting to be held at the Port Macquarie Bowling Club on 27th April 1987.

The Constitution for the Club was prepared by Gregory Porter and eleven men were present who indicated they were prospective members. At this interest meeting arrangements were made for a Foundation Meeting to be held at the Port Macquarie Bowling Club at 9.45 am on 13th May 1987.                                                              

At the Foundation Meeting, Jim Way, President of the Rotary Club of Port Macquarie, expressed his pleasure at being present at the meeting and after the election of the officers, handed over to newly elected President Tom Butterworth, the Probus Charter Certificate for the Probus Club of Oxley, along with an “Attention Bell”, suitably engraved, as a gift to call its members to attention.

In mid-2013 a proposal to admit ladies to the club was initially discussed by the executive and at a later meeting, the proposal was approved.  The motion to admit ladies to the club was then put before the members at a general meeting in late 2013.  The motion received overwhelming support and was duly carried.

After an extensive advertising campaign the first prospective new lady members began attending meetings and in early 2014 the first of the lady members were inducted into the Probus Club of Oxley at the June 2014 meeting.


If you would like to join our PROBUS OXLEY Group there is NO WAITING list. Just contact our membership officer, Judy Stokes on mobile:- 0413807526 or, in her absence, John Webb on Mobile 0412701691.