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Tuesday 02 February 2021

Mini Speaker: Club Member Chris McCabe spoke about getting lost while travelling

Main Speaker: Ellidh Hilson from the Christchurch City Council gave an informative presentation about Waste Minimisation and Recycling


Tuesday 02 March 2021

Main Speaker: Peter Smith who is a retired Sports Commentator, gave a very interesting talk about his life in the Media


Tuesday 06 April 2021

Mini Speaker: Club Member Sian Bliss spoke about her travel experiences and Covid

Main Speaker: A Representative from Heartland Bank spoke about Reverse Mortgages and how they can benefit Retirees


Tuesday 04 May 2021

Mini Speaker: Norma Porter spoke about her  recent "Off the Beaten Track" travel experience

Main Speaker: Nick Atkins gave a very amusing talk  about his Justice of the Peace duties


Tuesday 01 June 2021

Mini Speaker:

Main Speaker: