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3 December 2013

Xmas Morning Tea

Main Speaker : Shar Davis of the Salvation Army Hope Centre, 'Transforming the City One Life at a Time'


5 November 2013

Mini-speaker :  Crystall Li on the Gu Zong (Chinese Musical Instrument)

Main Speaker : Dr Alister Humphrey, Chief Medical Officer of Health


1 October 2013.

Mini-speaker:   John Downey,  Radio Redwood.

Main speaker:  Robyn Owen,  Acupuncture.


3 September 2013

Mini-speaker:  David Sutherland,  Lucca

Main speaker: Jenny Setchell,  Carbuncles, Cameras, Computers and Concerts.


6 August 2013

Mini-speaker:  Anne Kitchen,  Guideing at the RNZAF Museum

Main speaker: Geoff Parfitt,   Community Watch Service in Canterbury


2 July 2013

General Knowledge Quiz


4 June 2013

Mini-speaker:  Norma Porter,  Antarctic Peninsula and South Georgia

Main speaker:   Sheryl Reveley,  NZ Fire Service.


7 May 2013

Mini-speaker:  Jill Erickson,  Whale watching

Main speaker:  Kate Dewes and Rob Green, Murder in the Mother of Democracies


2 April 2013

Video: 47 Lessons in the Teaching of Life.

Main speaker:  Trish Adams,  Bone Health and Osteoporosis


5 March 2013

Annual General Meeting

Main speaker:  David Collins,  CCC Civil Defence.


5 February 2013


Main speaker: