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The Probus Club of Phillip Island Inc.

Information about one of the local Probus Clubs situated in Phillip Island and the Bass Coast


Report on meeting called by the Rotary Club of Phillip Island of interested residents in respect of the formation of a Probus Club.Held at the Heritage Centre Cowes on the 23rd of April 1986.



The President of the Rotary Club of Phillip Island, Doug Dodd, in opening the meeting welcomed all present to what the Rotary Club hoped would be the formative meeting of a Probus Club on Phillip Island.






President Dennis welcomed the assembled company and received apologies. The Secretary (Mary Cooper) and Auditor (Jack King) were then elected.






Geoff Cohen reported on the initial meeting re the formation of a club and the decision to include both female and male members. A strong suggestion was forthcoming, after Geoff had defined the aims and objectives of Probus, that sub-committees, each under the guidance of a chair-person, be elected to organise and report re various facets of the club. Treasurer David Stott reported a current membership of 55 ie: 19 at initial meeting plus 36 at inaugural meeting. (48 members in attendance). Annual Fees were set.




Since then the Club has continued to grow and meet the needs of many members through a variety of trips, events and speakers.