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About Us


Probus is an association for active retired and semi-retired members of the community to meet regularly, without pressure and at minimum cost, for a new lease on life.  Its basic purpose is to provide regular opportunities for members to keep their minds active, expand their interests, have fun and enjoy the fellowship and friendship of new people.


Our Club offers members many opportunities to keep you young - including extended tours, day trips, luncheons, book club, cards, theatre, morning melodies, drama group, guest speakers on intellectual and cultural interests, and the fellowship of new friends.  The Club also has a strong interest in Bowls, with many members bowling/competing regularly at the Reservoir Bowling Club.


Probus Clubs are autonomous and simple in structure.  They are required to adhere to a basic set of rules of operation in order to preserve their integrity and reputation.  In particular, these require that:

  • Clubs are non-political and non-sectarian, and
  • They are non-profit making and non-fundraising.


The Combined Probus Club of Reservoir was formed folllowing a public meeting held in December 1991, which was organised by the Rotary Club of Reservoir.  The Rotarians responsible for organising this meeting were Colin Johnson and Sonny McDermott.  The first Annual General Meeting was held in March 1992 and the membership goal of 100 was reached at the meeting.  Over the years, the Club  has held its meetings at the Reservoir Bowling Club, the nearby Scout Hall, what was the Yacht Club and now, calls the East Reservoir Senior Citizens Hall, home.


The success of the Club is due largely to friendship and the many who have given and continue to give freely of their time in organising events and activities for its Members.  Reservoir Combined Probus Club Inc. has embraced technology and now has its own Facebook page, where all General Meetings and day trips are promoted.  The Club hopes its Facebook page will reach 100 likes by the end of the year - so please check it out by clicking on the link below, and give it your support.


Reservoir Combined Probus Club Facebook page


This year, the Club celebrated its 25th birthday.  It still has 11 of its Foundation Members who very actively support and promote the Club.  Its current membership is 50 and we are always happy to welcome new members to help us add new friendships and experiences, and most importantly, nurture our Club into the future.  Probus is open to anyone 55 and over.  Are you one of them?





Reservoir Probarians will tell you they have made some wonderful friends, met some interesting people, widened their horizons and been strengthened in the knowledge that Reservoir Combined Probus Club Inc. has enriched their retirement.


Please feel welcome to come along to one of our meetings and chat to other retirees over morning tea.  We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the Club or becoming a member.