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Subject to any changes required by pandemic constraints, we have re-scheduled our proposed speakers as shown below.


May 18 - Graeme Disney, Sandringham Yacht Club historian. 

 Graeme is a long-term local identity, with many tales to tell, but on this occasion he will be telling us about the history and activities of his beloved Sandringham Yacht Club, the kind hosts of our Club meetings. 


June 15 - A "Mystery Guest Entertainer" 

You'll have to come to our meeting to find out who this is!


TBA - Jenny Cowan

Jenny is a grand-daughter of Theresa Solomon, who ran the famous "High Arts" Mendelssohn Photographic Studios from 1888 to 1949, photographing many famous people and celebrities of her time. Jenny's presentation includes many of those photos, and tells of an enterprising and successful woman from an earlier era.