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The Rotary Club of Logan Sunrise, of which Dawn Andersen was the President in 2001-2, appointed Merv Richens as Convener to see if there were sufficient retired or semi-retired people to form a Probus Club in the Springwood area. Probus clubs are formed by Rotary clubs as a Community Service for older persons,   and at that time there was no other Probus club in the local area.

Merv placed advertisements in local shopping centres, and the local free newspapers and called an interest meeting on 25th October, 2001.   Approximately 15 people attended this meeting and it was decided the through word of mouth and personal contact we would obtain the minimum number  to form a club and convened another meeting for 28th November, 2001 as a Foundation meeting to form a club.

The minutes of this meeting follow and officers elected were Ed Nylander as President; Val Broady, Vice President; Peter Downs, as Secretary; Treasurer, Les Ames. Diane Mason was elected to the committee to serve as Membership Officer, and Barry Swain as Social Functions coordinator.

It was decided at this meeting that the club would meet on the 2nd Thursday of each month and that anyone who joined before the next meeting on 13th December, 2001 would be classed as a Foundation member.  Des and Bev King joined prior to this date and along with Val, Diane, and Barry are the only remaining Foundation members.

To use the Probus emblem and operate as a Probus Club – the club had to apply for Accreditation to the Probus Centre – South Pacific Inc – which then operated as a service centre for Probus clubs under the Rotary Down Under umbrella in Sydney.  Our Accreditation Certificate was issued on 5th December, 2001 – and a photo is attached of Merv presenting this to President Ed.

To safeguard members and especially Management Committee members against any legal action that might endanger their property, the club applied for Incorporation as a Not for Profit Association in Queensland and a “Certificate of Incorporation”  for the “Probus Club of Springwood Inc.” was issued on 6th June 2002.  Incorporation No. IA31183.

On 4th May, 2014 the club also obtained an ABN  13 846 161 696 and a TFN of 915 219 009 – which enables the club to apply for grants from the Community Gambling fund if we wish to purchase additional equipment.

Our sponsor Rotary Club, Logan Sunrise, merged with the Rotary Club of Loganholme several years ago – so our sponsor club is now known as the Rotary Club of Loganholme, who also sponsored the Probus Club of Cornubia.


         Merv Richens presenting Certificate to President Ed Nylander

                                   5th December 2001