<div><h3><a href='/4875fff0/Behind_the_scenes'>Behind the scenes</a></h3><p>From Cleopatra to The Matrix and Cleverman, veteran actress Robyn Nevin has explored many different characters during her career. Here, she talks about the wonderful Julie Andrews, introducing kids to the theatre and supporting the arts.
 </p></div><div><h3><a href='/f3b3a0bf/A_beginners_guide_to_swimming'>A beginner’s guide to swimming</a></h3><p>Swimming is a wonderful way to exercise that’s easy on the joints and muscles. But what if you’ve never swum a lap before or the last time you popped on the flippers was decades ago?
 </p></div><div><h3><a href='/0f24951d/Be_prepared'>Be prepared</a></h3><p>Australians are living longer than ever before, so it’s important your retirement portfolio can support you for the rest of your life.
 </p></div><div><h3><a href='/ca3cfb4a/How_Paris_got_its_groove_back'>How Paris got its groove back</a></h3><p>Jazz music breathed new life into post-war Paris, thanks to its unpredictable beat and rippling melodies.<strong> </strong>
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The man who never stops singing

John Paul Young is a self-confessed homebody, Vanda & Young tragic, and whisky connoisseur. Here he tells Active Retirees how his voice has stood the test of time, and why he loves nothing more than being in his own backyard with his beloved chooks.  



Are your finances ready for this year’s changes?

With many changes coming into effect this year – and more reforms being suggested – now is a great time to get your finances organised so you’re prepared.



Handle with care

Unsure about what to do with your old technology products? There are a number of ways those gadgets can be put to good use, or at the very least recycled correctly to keep our environment safe.  



Are you at risk of brittle bones?

Osteoporosis affects over one million Australians and over 155,000 broken bones are expected this year from poor bone health. At Osteoporosis Australia, we’re calling on all of Australia’s Probus members to ‘Love your bones. Protect your future’. 




A surge in camping and caravanning holidays is injecting regional Australia with a much-needed economic boost.



The Bodyguard hits the stage

Based on the smash-hit Warner Bros 1992 film starring Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner, The Bodyguard has been transformed into an award-winning musical.