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25th Anniversary Of The Probus Club Of Gisborne

Foundations members, Wray Taylor, Ruth Smith and Veronica Aston cutting the cake at the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Probus Club of Gisborne.

Reg Ellis, a past president of The Rotary Club of Gisborne ajoined the celebration, to present the ‘Anniversary Certificate’ to Rod Willard, the retiring President.

Ruth Smith who was a foundation committee member in 1994 and President in 2001 – 2001, also attended the celebration.  Ruth joined Wray Taylor and Veronica Aston to cut the ‘anniversary cake’.  Wray and Veronica are the only foundation members who are still current members of the Probus Club of Gisborne.

Doug Wingett, the current President and Richard Stewart, the President Elect of Gisborne Rotary, also joined us for the celebration.

After a busy morning, members and guests were able to catch up and relax over a delicious lunch catered by JBL Catering.