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Probus Merchandise & Regalia


As part of its responsibility to maintain and preserve the Probus Trademarks, Probus South Pacific Limited (PSPL) maintains a licensing system.  Any individual or company wishing to manufacture or sell goods containing the Probus name, the Probus emblem, or any registered Probus marks, must be authorized by PSPL. 

Any unauthorized reproduction or sale of the Probus name, the Probus emblem or any registered Probus marks, in any form, infringes on PSPL’s trademark rights. 

By licensing vendors or manufacturers or Probus-type goods, PSPL maintains control over reproduction and/or sale of its intellectual property. 

This control helps to maintain a consistent quality in the reproduction of the Probus emblem and other Probus marks, ensuring accurate and faithful reproduction of quality goods.

Probus clubs, Probus associations and Probus club members are encouraged to purchase products bearing the Probus marks only from authorized licensees.

Interested in becoming an authorised Probus Licensee – contact PSPL – [email protected]  Australia T: +61 2 9689 0200  OR New Zealand T: 0800 14776 287

The business/es listed below are authorised licensees to Probus South Pacific Limited.

Blue Moose Productions


Blue Moose Productions provide a range of badges, pins, name tags and general merchandise. To view their range of Probus regalia, please download their brochure here or visit


If you have any questions about their range of products, please email [email protected]

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