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Member Benefits Scheme New Zealand


Probus does retirement better

The Probus South Pacific Limited Member Benefits Scheme offers members exclusive discounts from a variety of participating businesses. All you need to do is present your Probus South Pacific Limited membership card.

Keep your membership card handy and use it when you go into a store, book accommodation or organise a social activity with Probus Member Benefits Scheme Partners. Simply present your card or quote the relevant code number.

Probians have exclusive access to a wide range of excellent discounts and terrific deals.

How do I redeem the offers?

It is a requirement of the Probus Member Benefits Scheme that your unique Probus Membership Card Number be presented in person, over the telephone or online in order to access the offers. Check each offer to find out more. 


Want to become a Probus Member Benefits Scheme Partner?

Your business will be seen by Probians in New Zealand through a number of promotional benefits. Your offer will be promoted on our website and you’ll have use of the official Member Benefits Scheme logo on your website and advertising material. 

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Who's already on board?

Simply click on the relevant category and you'll have access to every offer available or download the list of partners and offers: Probus Member Benefit Scheme Partners and Offers List.



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