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A great day, for-shore

Members of the Probus Club of Gungahlin enjoyed a sunny picnic at Western Foreshore Park, Belconnen, on October 20.

Shepherd’s delight

A few members of Jamison Combined Probus Club recently enjoyed a walk to Shepherd’s Lookout on the western edge of the ACT.

A lovely morning tea

A few members of Conder Lanyon Probus Club set up a morning tea in the place of their monthly meetings during COVID-19 restrictions.

A Friendship Story

Rekindling an old friendship through Probus is something members Bronwyn H and Suzanne L have come to treasure. 

Take two

The first Club in Canberra to actually meet since the COVID-19 crisis began, Charnwood-Dunlop Probus Club, had only its second meeting on July 16.

A bunch of Knitwits

Members of the Greenway Probus Club knitting group known as the Knitwits" received a Certificate of Appreciation from the St Vinnies Night Patrol.

Calling all ACT Clubs! Send us your photos.

We would love to see some examples of Fun, Friendship and Fellowship in the Australian Capital Territory, whether it's a video chat or even a memory from before isolation. Email us now.

New inductees

Greenway Probus Club held its General Meeting on February 18, 2020, during which three new inductees were welcomed to the Club.

Greenway Probus' new inductees

Greenway Probus' new inductees.

Vikings Christmas

The Greenway Combined Probus Club held its Christmas party at the Chisholm Vikings Club, where a great meal and time was had by all.

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