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Probus South Pacific Limited

In 1981, the Governors of Rotary districts in Australia and New Zealand established the Probus Centre - South Pacific Inc. as a community service activity of Rotary clubs and encouraged Rotary clubs to sponsor the establishment of Probus clubs throughout the region.

Probus Centre - South Pacific Inc. made application in May 2011 to become  a Company Limited by Guarantee under the Corporations Act; in August 2011 Probus South Pacific Limited registration was accepted by the Australian Securities Investments Commission (ASIC).

In February 2013 Probus South Pacific Limited adopted a new Constitution which had been developed in consultation with representatives from the Rotary Council of Governors; Probus South Pacific Limited has registered the new constitution with the Australian Securities Investments Commission (ASIC).

PSPL Constitution


PSPL's Responsibilities and Services


Mission Statement

Probus South Pacific Limited is dedicated to promoting the development of friendship, fellowship and the advancement of intellectual interests for active retirees through Probus clubs in the South Pacific area.

Vision Statement

The vision of Probus South Pacific Limited is to co-ordinate the growth, development and on-going support for Probus clubs, as the most widely recognised organisation for active retirees, in fostering the true spirit of Probus – friendship, fellowship and fun.

Core Values

  • Friendship, fellowship and fun
  • Supportive Active Retirees
  • Adaptable Growth
  • Diversity


Active Retirees - Tomorrow's vision for Probus 



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