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Is there a relationship between Rotary and Probus?

YES Probus is a Community Service Activity of Rotary clubs.

Probus is an association of retired and semi-retired people who join together in clubs, the basic purpose of which is to provide regular opportunities for them to keep their minds active, expand their interests and to enjoy the fellowship of new friends.

Probus clubs may only be formed/sponsored by a Rotary Club.

Each Probus club is aligned with a Rotary District.

Once Rotary sponsors a Probus club and it is accredited by Probus South Pacific Limited (PSP) it operates within the parameters of its’ Constitution and accreditation requirements.

The right to use the Probus name and Probus emblem Trademarks are contingent on an accredited Probus club maintaining its accreditation by complying and abiding with the articles of the Standard Probus Club Constitution (currently dated February 2013) a Constitution that may be amended by PSP from time to time in accordance with the PSP Policy on Constitutional Amendments;

the payment of annual fees to PSP and the providing of information as required by PSP from time to time.

It is recommended that Presidents of sponsor Rotary Club and the Probus club keep in touch to maintain and strengthen their relationship.

The vision of the Probus South Pacific Limited (PSP) is to co-ordinate the growth, development and on-going support for Probus clubs, as the most widely recognized organisation for active retirees, in fostering the true spirit of Probus – friendship, fellowship and fun.”



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