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Probus and Black Dog Ride

In Australia, PSPL is collaborating with Black Dog Ride (BDR) to help even more retirees DISCOVER PROBUS.

The benefits of social connections, particularly in the mature generation are well documented. Studies have shown that those who stay socially engaged and active have much better mental and physical health, which is why this collaboration makes so much sense. Black Dog Ride want to help as many retired men and women as possible build strong social links. What better way to do that, than with Probus?

Probus and BDR are uniting to spread the word on the psychological and mental health benefits social connectedness brings. This partnership will raise awareness and encourage retirees to join Probus, helping them make new friends and stay active and engaged in their local communities.

BDR are proud to be collaborating with Probus as BDR have always created and supported opportunities to build important social links for riders, community members and community groups.

Probus offers a wide range of activities, including outings, trips and interest groups, encouraging members to become and stay engaged. Clubs meet monthly and host a variety of guest speakers to interest, educate and fascinate.

Too often, retirees focus on their financial well-being in retirement and give little thought to their social well-being. This is where Probus comes in as an inclusive and welcoming social community.

We anticipate this collaboration will be a rewarding and positive step in raising awareness of the importance of social connections and help more retirees DISCOVER PROBUS

For more information on Black Dog Ride, visit their website.

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