<div><h3><a href='/4875fff0/Behind_the_scenes'>Behind the scenes</a></h3><p>From Cleopatra to The Matrix and Cleverman, veteran actress Robyn Nevin has explored many different characters during her career. Here, she talks about the wonderful Julie Andrews, introducing kids to the theatre and supporting the arts.
 </p></div><div><h3><a href='/f3b3a0bf/A_beginners_guide_to_swimming'>A beginner’s guide to swimming</a></h3><p>Swimming is a wonderful way to exercise that’s easy on the joints and muscles. But what if you’ve never swum a lap before or the last time you popped on the flippers was decades ago?
 </p></div><div><h3><a href='/0f24951d/Be_prepared'>Be prepared</a></h3><p>Australians are living longer than ever before, so it’s important your retirement portfolio can support you for the rest of your life.
 </p></div><div><h3><a href='/ca3cfb4a/How_Paris_got_its_groove_back'>How Paris got its groove back</a></h3><p>Jazz music breathed new life into post-war Paris, thanks to its unpredictable beat and rippling melodies.<strong> </strong>
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Join Trade Travel and renowned tribute artists Dean Vegas as “ELVIS”, Kris Knight as “BUDDY HOLLY” and Dennis Knight as “JOHNNY O’KEEFE” this Valentine’s Day as they take in the sights on this love filled tour of Norfolk Island.


August Eat, Play, Stay

As spring rolls around it's the perfect time to get out and about. Festivals, fun runs, markets and galleries. It's all happening.