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Waiuku Combined at TV3 Studio

Probus members needed to board the coach in Waiuku and leave by 5.00pm to make sure arrival time at TV3’s “The Project” studio in Mt Eden was by 6.30pm.  

Not an easy task in the Auckland traffic but we made it. (90 minutes for the journey there; and 49 minutes for the journey home!)

Each night, The Project opens its doors to 40 lucky audience members.  No cost.  All that is asked is that you book in advance, turn up on time, and if you can’t make it, let them know so that seats can be reallocated.

A great chance to see what happens “behind the scenes”.  To get up close and personal with the hosts and special guest - and a photo opportunity to prove that you were actually there!

Thanks to Barbara Cannon and Pauline Bartlam for arranging this outing - thoroughly enjoyed by all - and for extending an invitation to Pukekohe Ladies to join them.