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Beecroft Probus Club 40th Anniversary

Beecroft Mens Probus celebrates 40 years of community fellowship

In 2021 Beecroft Mens Probus celebrated 40 years of community fellowship in Beecroft and surrounding neighbourhoods. It might be said the Club is still celebrating. Attending the July 25th, 2022, meeting, Cliff Garrett, Rotary District Probus Chairman, presented a framed 40-year certificate to the President of Beecroft Probus, Rob. Cliff congratulated the Club on reaching a significant milestone as well as reminding the club of its place in Probus history.

 To celebrate its 40 years, Beecroft Probus published “Forty Years of Fellowship”. The book is written by Stuart Braga, a member of the club and a recognised educator, author and historian with a number of published works. The book covers the history of Probus from its roots in Rotary through to 2021 and many of the characters who have helped make Beecroft Probus a success.

 You can read an online copy of "Forty Years of Fellowship" by visiting the Club’s website at - simply click on 'learn more’ on the home page to download a copy of the book. While you are on the site take the opportunity to explore what the Club offers and perhaps express an interest in joining!