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Pumistone Passage Probus helping the community

Recently the Bribie Island Croquet Club had a fun fund raising day to support the Local Neighbourhood Community Center which helps families who are having it tough.

Unfortunately the centre was broken into and things stolen or smashed. Well always up to help others the Pumistone Probus Club entered 3 teams to help to raise money to support them. In the photo you can see all the members who took part. Most had never held a mallet before let alone played croquet so there was much fun and laughter. There were over 18 service clubs taking part which was good for the Bribie community.

For the past 2 years the Pumistone Probus club won the much sort after prize mallet but this year was not going to be 3 in a row they came second by half a point but what a great effort by all the clubs.

PUMISTONE PASSAGE PROBUS are always up for a challenge, they are a lively go get it group ready to help where they can especially if there is some fun to be had on the way. They are very good at supporting their community going to local eateries, going for walks followed by coffee at one of the many coffee spots on the island, fishing in the locality though I think people mostly go for the BBQ as the fish seem to see them coming.