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Pukekohe Ladies in Melbourne Cup Mode

Pukekohe Ladies Club marked their 24th birthday with a Melbourne Cup theme as the meeting day coincided with this big event.

As children what did birthday celebrations conjure up in our minds?  Friends, games, fun and food! We decided to go back to our childhood and have a celebration like that.

A horse race with six horses (fashioned out of swimming pool noodles) and six of our members as “jockeys”, a couple of dice, one to determine which horse would move and the other to determine how many steps would be taken.  With a great commentary by Nelda Putt and members at numbered tables “cheering” their horse on - a good time was had by all.  A slight casualty when horse number one had to withdraw - but fortunately didn’t have to be destroyed!

A line up of ten members took part in “Fashion on the Field” competition with all members able to participate in the voting to declare a winner.  Members brought along plates of finger food to add to the very enjoyable festive occasion.