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What makes your heart sing?

“What makes your heart sing?” – that was Colonel Light Gardens Ladies’ Probus Club guest speaker Jayne Dance's first question.

Various answers including family, gardening, friends, hiking and hobbies were given. Her message was that we need to listen to our hearts and do what makes our hearts sing. If something makes us unhappy then we should try to let it go. No matter your age, including movement in our lives was an important element for our wellbeing.

Jayne began her presentation to the Colonel Light Gardens Ladies’ Club meeting (August 7) by dancing around the room to lively Irish dance music as members took their seats. She certainly lived up to her name. The author of the children’s story Dancing with Ruby not only captivated members’ attention, but also soon had them dancing as well to a catchy tune by Max Bygraves, “Any Dream Will Do.”

Jayne has spent many years putting smiles on children’s faces as an educator of young children in South Australia and England. She believes education is an interactive process and learning through dance is a teaching tool she has used.

What a lively and energetic way to restart the Probus’ year after COVID 19 restrictions!