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North Gold Coast Probus Club outing

A group of members from the North Gold Coast Probus Club visited the Animal Welfare League premises located at Coombabah (North Gold Coast). 

Members were treated to an information session which outlined the purpose and function of the League, and a tour of the facility. Which also included cuddling guinea-pigs and pet rats, not to mention checking out the accommodation for dogs and cats – and of course birds.  

Of great interest was the fact that the facility has a high pet adoption rate and has a “no euthanasia” policy wherever possible. Animals are euthanised as a ‘last resort’.  

Every member of the group enjoyed the tour, and left with a lot of enthusiasm and appreciation for the operation of the League and their policies, and of course a far better insight into just how valuable and rewarding their work is. 

What a fantastic and enlightening morning.

The North Gold Coast Probus Club meets the first Monday of each month at Sanctuary Cove Country Club.  To enquire about membership, which is open to both men and women, please contact David (Secretary) on 5514  2196