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Woolgoolga Ladies Probus Club celebrates Probus 40th Anniversary

Woolgoolga Ladies Probus Club celebrated the 40th Anniversary of Probus in Australia by a display of the latest issue of the Probus Magazine, "Active Retirees", at their Meeting.

Sitting in the front row, third from the left, is Foundation Member Jackie Ganderton. It was a special time for her also as she had celebrated her 100th Birthday on 10th February, in the company of her large family and many friends. Jackie continues to be a regular attendee at Club meetings and functions in spite of her age.

Jackie has lived in the general area all her life. She never attended High School because that would have meant a move to the nearest High School in Kempsey. But that did not prevent her becoming a TAFE Teacher in later years teaching Cake Decoration. Her many hobbies and interests include sketching, painting, sewing and gardening. She was in business, and assisted in the formation, and for many years, worked with Meals On Wheels. She is an inspiration to all who know her.