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Kaiapoi Probus Picnic

Kaiapoi Probus Picnic 

On the 27th January this year the club held their first picnic.

It was such a success that members think it may become an annual event.

33 people turned up to The Pines Beach a nearby venue, and to quote one of their poetic may wish to only use one verse.. perhaps the last....

" It was a warm but cloudy day

For our picnic at Pines beach

We all sat under the trees

With the food we brought to eat.


Some of us wore hats

Some of us didn't bother

Some of us went for a walk

Some of us chatted with each other.


Jenny baked some cookies

To share with everyone

I admit that I ate two

Because they were so yum.


Owen brought his little dog

And she had lots of fun

Running around among us

Eating up the crumbs.


We all had a relaxing time

And we're glad it didn't rain

Thanks to all the organizers

Next year let's do it again."