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Coach Tour Trip

30 members and partners of the Booragoon Men's Club (WA) enjoyed a most enjoyable Club 55 Coach tour to the Toodyay area in the Avon Valley, 85 kms North of Perth.

The first stop was at Noble Falls for a welcome morning tea. Following this, the Club continued to the main attraction of the Camel farm called 'Dromedairy", which was recently featured in the 'Back Roads' TV series.

This farm is family owned and run by Dr. Max Bergman who has a PHD in Agricultural Science and doesn't let visual impairment slow him down.

The enterprise is proudly eco-friendly and strives to be carbon neutral.

Their camels come from the Australian outback and are tamed and trained using the gentlest methods. One striking fact is that calves are not separated from their mothers after birth but remain with them, and always get all the mother's milk that they need. This ensures that a strong bond is always formed naturally.

Instead of milking being undertaken at a central dairy, an innovative mobile dairy is taken to the various paddocks and calves remain with their mothers throughout the milking process. This always leaves an adequate supply for the calf.

We learned that camel milk contains a powerful mix of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids. The farm produces many beneficial products for hair and skin and is currently in the process of having other therapeutic products being approved by the authorities. A visit to this farm is educational, inspiring and enjoyable and is highly recommended.

The Club then had a tour around the town of Toodyay and had time to wander and have lunch. They then visited the local Coorinja Winery, which was established in the 1870s, for wine tasting and the resultant numerous purchases.

An excellent excursion arranged by Outings Officer Terry.