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Club 10th & Probus 40th Anniversary in Australia Lunch

On Wednesday 10th August we held a combined monthly meeting, Club 10-year Anniversary & Probus 40-year in Australia Lunch. 79 members and guests attended the venue of the Sanctuary Cove Golf & Country Club.

Our meeting was commenced at 10am and handled the usual club business.

At 10.30am we broke for coffee and a social period until 11am.  At this point we resumed the meeting.  As we were celebrating anniversaries, we did not have a “Guest Speaker”.  In lieu of a speaker, Past President Bob Holland organized for some of the Foundation Members to give a short presentation on their life before Probus. This was a very interesting segment on the early lives of our Foundation Members.  At the end of this the Magic Box was drawn resulting in 3 Club members being the winners. 

The monthly meeting was then closed.

Members and Guests retired to the Veranda area where drinks were served to all staying for the Anniversary Lunch.

Members and Guests returned to the room and were seated for commencement at 12.25pm.

Past President Trevor Raatz was the MC for the proceedings, welcoming Guests and Visitors, introducing The Hon Sam Doumany (representing Sandra Doumany,

President of Hope Island Rotary Club in 2006) who unfortunately, could not attend due to ill health and Past President Malcolm Phillips (Life Member) who was the inaugural President of our Club.

First Vice President Geoff Ovenden then introduced all the Past Presidents and Presidents in attendance. They entered the room to the music of the Triumphal March from Verdi’s “Aida” after which Photos were taken. He also recognized the late Past President John Sayle (2010/11) and the late Past President Brian Fletcher (2013/14).  Vice President Geoff then requested that all the Active Foundation Members stand and come to the front of the room for a photograph. There were 19 Active Foundation present.

Past President Malcolm Phillipps proposed a Toast to the Probus Club of Hope Island Inc. for the 10-year anniversary.

The Hon Sam Doumany proposed a Toast to Probus for the 40-year in Australia anniversary.

Entrée and Main course were then severed including drinks.

After the main course a Trivia Quiz was run by Social Director Ros Holland.

The winners were Table 2. Congratulations to “A Smart Table”. The questions were very tricky.

There was also a “Lucky Ticket” under everyone's plate for 2 rounds of Golf (donated by the Sanctuary Cove Golf & Country Club) at the Sanctuary Cove Golf Course. This was won by our club member Yvonne Sutton. We believe that there are several members who were trying to be Yvonne’s very best friend after the lunch.

The Anniversary Cake was cut by President Bruce Patterson (2016/17) and Inaugural President PP Malcolm Phillipps (2006/07).

After the serving of the Anniversary Cake and fellowship, the afternoon concluded at around 3pm.

Throughout the afternoon a slide show presentation was run which was a reflection of the activities that the club has done throughout its 10 years. There were also history books done on each President’s year on display.

We were also fortunate to have an extremely courteous and helpful staff and a pleasant venue at the Sanctuary Cove Golf & Country Club to hold our 10 year anniversary.

Probus Club of Hope Island Inc. 10 year Anniversary Cake.

Table Settings for the Anniversary Lunch.

The Hon Sam Doumany Proposing a Toast to Probus for 40 years in Australia Anniversary.


Past President Malcolm Phillipps (2006/07), Past President Barry Slocum (2007/08), Past President David Bray (2008/09), Past President Trevor Raatz (2009/10), Past President Barbara Taylor (2011/12), Past President Ian McDonald (2012/13), Past President Bob Holland (2014/15), Past President Marilyn Raatz (2015/16), President Bruce Patterson (2016/17).

Foundation Members at Anniversary Lunch

President Bruce Patterson and Inaugural Past President Malcolm Phillipps cutting the Anniversary Cake.

Inaugural Past President Malcolm Phillips proposes a Toast to Probus Club of Hope Island for their 10 year anniversary.