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Wonderful White Beach

There was a record-breaking crowd at White Beach this year for Hobart Men’s Probus Club’s annual week of fun, fitness and frivolity. The stayers numbered 12 and the others came and went as was their wont and the overall count was 38.

The biggest surprise of all was a foot-stomping band of four musicians from the group who entertained everyone magnificently. President Neil was their leader. This innovation was possibly the highlight of the stay.

There was a change of venue for Thursday dinner. Thirty-three enjoyed an evening at Rosedale Homestead – fine food (once again Grant was chef), wine and, of course, the entertainers.

As always, exercise was paramount and the beach walkers headed off each morning at 9:30 on the dot! Secretary Graham organised a day walk and those who participated came back pleased they had conquered the mist, the leeches and the bull ants. This made them feel good about themselves, which apparently is very important these days.

Rose Sargison also introduced members to Finska (an outdoor tossing game) to be engaged in either before or after “Happy Hour”. As this was thought to be a rather more sedate kind of thinking person’s “skittles” she believed that the “Girls” would triumph. Alas, not true, but members admired her optimism!

There were a number of intrepid kayakers who paddled around the islands and occasionally dabbled in fishing but mainly enjoyed the serenity. Most took the opportunity to explore the district, usually by car or foot but several on their pushbikes. The Tasman Peninsula is awash with history and places of interest.

Gary (Gaz from Tas) and Margaret proved to be wonderful hosts each evening from five on the dot until whenever someone decided they should barbecue. The Club thoroughly recommends the White Beach Tourist Park run so well by hosts Pete and Bev who sometimes joined in for a sip and a snack. Wonderful people.