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Long-term member thanks

Our Western Australian Probus Clubs rely heavily on the continued support over many years of their ordinary membership and the Probus Club of Vasse is very fortunate in having several of these long-term Club members.

Nancy Trigwell of Busselton joined the Probus Club of Vasse 25 years ago in March 1994. Nancy has continually served as an ordinary member always available to help in any capacity within her capability. Jill Manning of Busselton has also served some 25 years as a member of Vasse Club. Jill was encouraged to join Probus Club of Vasse by Nancy and did so in November 1994.

Congratulations to Jill and Nancy for their service and support over those 25 years. To those members who have faithfully served long-term and continue to serve our Probus Clubs throughout Western Australia, we thank you for your devotion and continuing service.