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Getting to know each other

New members of the Ladies’ Probus Club of Sunbury enjoyed a Getting To Know You lunch at the home of Fabulous Fran for afternoon tea and many laughs.

Thanks to the help of Intriguing Isobel and Luscious Lori, the Club’s newbies shared some stories, which you can read about in future newsletters.

From left – Merry Mary-Anne, Delightful Diane, Lovely Linda, Intriguing Isobel, Luscious Lori, Jolly Janice and Graceful Glenys.

(Members didn’t believe Glenys about being Graceful – she had a fall in the supermarket which required several surgeries and her foot in a moon boot for 13 weeks.)

Sexy Shaz also joined, but missed being in this pic.

Marvelous Mario (Fran’s better half) helped Fabulous Fran and ensured the garden was spick and span for the ladies’ arrival.  And best of all, they welcomed Jubilant Joan with her beautiful grandson the Lovable Levi.