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Ausmas lunch, chocolates and oysters

Forty members of The Probus Club of Hobart Macquarie enjoyed a visit to a chocolate factory and celebrated Christmas in July on the Tasman and Forrester Peninsulas in Southern Tasmania. 

This involved a 40 minute fun coach trip from Hobart to the township of Taranna on the Tasman Peninsula to visit the Federation Chocolate Factory and Heritage Museum.

Here the group viewed the manufacturing of a variety of mouth watering handmade chocolate products. The samples were yummy and moorish.

Members left Taranna with sweet tastes in their mouths, bags of fare in their hands and disregard for diets!

Since the early 1980s a new chocolate was created here, using hallmark standards of the Federation era – hence the name Federation Chocolates.

The Museum contained an interesting presentation of early tools, machines and items used in homes, farming and industries of yesteryear on the Tasman Peninsula.

Next stop was picturesque historic Dunalley Hotel on the Forrester Peninsula, by the banks of the Denison Canal,  the venue for the Ausmas Lunch, in a fun atmosphere with all the trappings of a Christmas dinner with seafood cocktail, roasts and pudding.

Back on the Coach for a pleasant return journey via the old Carlton River Road and Southern Beaches Suburbs.

On the way the group called a stop at the Barilla Oyster Farm and Retail Shop at Cambridge where many varieties of oysters were available to buy.

Along the way members experienced, firsthand, the recovery of the areas and regrowth after the devastation suffered in the bushfires earlier in the year.