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Twilight visit to the Sanctuary

Jamison Probus Club's recent twilight visit to Mulligans Flat Woodland Sanctuary

Following a daytime visit to the sanctuary by the Jamison Probus Club walking group, members requested an evening visit to see the endangered native animals, which is more tailored to seniors than the nocturnal walks that are available. 

What was arranged for the members must have looked very attractive with a minibus, refreshments, and spotlighting. What was delivered was an absolutely unforgettable evening beyond expectation.

An informative talk on the sanctuary’s conservation program preceded transport to a wonderful setting with drinks and platters of delicious food for everyone to enjoy, served outdoors at sunset.

Afterwards the members proceeded back to the minibus, where spotlighting revealed numerous wallabies, and possums. One of the highlights was sightings of rare bettongs and quolls, which are now being re-established protected by a secure fence.