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Como Combined Probus Club walk on hallowed ground

Como Combined Probus Club walk on hallowed ground.

Como Combined Probus Walkers take a different route each month, finishing with morning tea at some well known coffee shops for refreshment and conversation.

On this beautiful winter morning recently, they started from the car park near to the children’s playground at Burswood, walked past the back of the casino and Optus Stadium to the Metagarnup Bridge.

Along the way they took this photo opportunity alongside the statue of Captain Willem de Vlamingh who sailed to the unknown South Land in 1696.

This was one of the earliest European attempts to make cultural and commercial contact with the Australian continent.

The de Vlamingh sculpture was unveiled by HRH the Prince of Orange on 12 January 1997 as a tribute to early Dutch seafarers and in celebration of the 300th anniversary of de Vlamingh's naming of the Swan River.

In the background you can see the city, the WACCA and the Metagarnup Bridge.