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20 years for Lenah Valley

The New Town Lenah Valley Combined Probus Club celebrated its twentieth anniversary with a luncheon at the Riverfront Motel Restaurant, Rosetta.

Seventy members who attended the function were welcomed by the club’s Vice President, Peter Fyfe.

Seven foundation members were each presented with a certificate by Mr Rex Maddock, representing the Rotary Club of North Hobart.

Beth Ashlin, the Club’s inaugural president, cut the anniversary cake.

Mr.Malcolm Wells, Rotary/Probus Liaison Officer, presented a twenty year certificate to the Club on behalf of Probus South Pacific.





In the pictures:

 Right: Inaugural President Beth Ashlin cutting the Anniversary cake.

Above: Foundation members present at the function.
Back (L-R): David Johns,Yvonne Johns, Brian Smith, Beth Ashlin.
Front (L-R): Marion Smith, Marie Hanley, Gwenda Quon.