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Helen Reddy: My island home

Helen Reddy 2013Helen Reddy was always destined to end up living on Australia’s stunning Norfolk Island.

The iconic singer has had a property on the small island, which sits almost 1500km off Australia’s east coast, for about 12 years, and moved there full time when she kicked off her ‘gap decade’ in 2002. Her two-hectare hobby farm is called Happy Valley – aptly named, she says, as she’s had many happy times there.

But what’s the 71-year-old singer’s genetic connection to this sub-tropical paradise? Well, it’s all wrapped up with convicts and Australia’s First Fleet.

“I may have lived most of my life in the US, but I am proudly a seventh-generation Australian,” she says. “And what I have also discovered is that I had First Fleet ancestor, Richard Morgan, who ended up on Norfolk Island.

“In fact he farmed the property I own today in Norfolk Island.”

Helen is fascinated by genealogy and, after painstakingly tracing her roots back to the island, decided it was where she wanted to live

Her sanctuary

Norfolk Island is where Helen moved when she announced her retirement in 2002. She planned to disappear from the frantic music world, find some peace and write her memoirs.

“It’s the perfect place to drop out of sight and just regroup,” she says. “It’s so peaceful and serene and quiet. And a stunning place to be, with a beautiful climate.

“I created a beautiful garden there which has become quite a showpiece, and I was soon just a ‘local’. The years I lived there full time were great years and exactly what I needed. 

While she may not have a got around to writing those memoirs – “there were always people dropping by” – her home in Norfolk Island remains a sanctuary – but more of a holiday one now as she stages her singing comeback in the US. She is enjoying this new role the island has in her life today.

“I love going there and showing it off to people I know,” she says. “And it will be a great refuge now I’m back performing.”

See Helen Reddy live in concert

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